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Our antennas are self-pointing and can be operational with one click and within one minute. Our embedded software does the hard work so that the satellite pointing and handshake is taken care of for you. Our GC- Zero 70K KA-Sat Antenna is Eutelsat type approved and is fully E TRIA compatible. It can provide you with immediate access back to base from anywhere in Europe.

We’ve made sure it’s lightweight as well, meaning it can fit on almost any vehicle and when it isn’t deployed the low stow height prevents any parking headaches. The flexibility of KA band means that our antenna can provide you with whatever you need; IP data, IP Radio, IPTV and SD/HD video for news, sports and production.


Taking all the manufacturing expertise and technology from our vehicle mounted antenna, we are delighted to launch our SC Zero 70K EVO flyaway antenna. We offer you all the advantages of our rapid auto point software, and the assurance of full TooWay and NewsSpotter compatibility, but with a distinct advantage …

Our flyaway solution gives you the flexibility to take our antenna to the most challenging of environments. Compactly packaged in 3 bespoke and robust flight cases, the system can be easily deployed as baggage or carried in the boot of a car. More importantly it gives you the freedom to broadcast from locations where a vehicle just can’t go or to take it to the roof of a building in a built up area


KASE is our entry-level vehicle conversion kit offering both packaging and power to your Dawson antenna. KASE is a 10U/12U rugged equipment kit designed to incorporate our 2U controller for the auto pointing Ka antenna plus the modem, router and full DC power kit.

KASE is a valuable accessory for those wanting to transform their own vehicle into a mobile transmission centre without the production and integration options our Flat Packed Truck offers. These are all conveniently packaged in our compact flight case that can easily fit in to the back of your vehicle, designed to get you connected at the touch of a button.

Flat Packed Truck

These days the costs to buy a bespoke SNG truck can be prohibitive and time consuming. But what if you could adapt a standard Mercedes Vito or other leased vehicle to make it a fully functional broadcast vehicle at a fraction of the cost?

This is what we do. You can choose exactly what you want included from our extensive product list – meaning you’ll only be paying for what you need. And if the vehicle needs to be returned to the manufacturer at the end of the lease period, it’s designed to be added or removed without any vehicle modification.


The flexibility of our product range means that you can add pre-approved options to your Flat Packed Truck or Dawson antenna. This could be anything from an LNB for your antenna to receive off air feeds or an externally mounted WiFi system to offer local connectivity.

For a full list of options click on our product sheet below.